When is the Best Time to Visit Monument Valley? Average Temperatures (2024)

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If you are getting ready to visit the famous Monument Valley and you want to have a rough idea of its climate, or you have the flexibility to plan to visit it during the optimal time of year, here is an overview of the temperatures and weather of Monument Valley throughout the year.

As you will see, the months do not fully correspond to the traditional seasons, because some weather phenomena can be documented better by straying a little bit from the conventional seasons. Moreover, you may need to know about the most crowded seasons. So, when is the best time to visit Monument Valley?

Winter (November to March)

Starting in mid-December, it is possible to encounter light snowfall, until late February and, more rarely, even until the first days of March. The coldest months are certainly December and January, when temperatures can fluctuate between 25° and 52°. Obviously, rare events can occur, such as temperatures getting below 12°, but you would have to be pretty unlucky to find such low temperatures.

However, even when it does snow, it is not unusual for it to melt in two days or less, and there have hardly ever been episodes of bad weather so severe as to prevent tourists from taking the scenic Valley Drive. In other words, snowfall, rather than being a hindrance could be a stroke of luck, since you will have the chance to see the classic red rocks covered in white without it complicating your life too much.

This is the best period for those who want to visit the Monument Valley without too many people around, and even the prices of The View are lower and more affordable than in other seasons. If you are visiting Monument Valley in winter, however, be sure to wear suitable clothing, perhaps in layers, just to be prepared.

Spring (April and May)

Temperatures in April start to become very pleasant (normally between 43° and 68°) and during the following month, they can increase by about 5 or 6 degrees. Therefore, this is the perfect weather to enjoy a visit, even if in these months there is also a higher probability of strong winds than during the rest of the year. This phenomenon should not be underestimated, because, in this desert-like environment, powerful winds can form dust clouds that can be very annoying.

As far as the influx of tourists is concerned, the month of April continues to be substantially calm, but already in May, there begins to be an increase in the number of tourists, which will reach its climax during the summer.

Summer (June to August)

This is the hottest and busiest season for tourists all year round. The month with the highest temperatures is certainly July when typically the lowest temperatures almost never fall below 66°, while the highest temperatures range between 91° and 99°. June and August are not much cooler, even if the average temperatures are generally 3 or 4 degrees lower.

Nevertheless, despite the heat, remember that you are visiting a desert area, where temperatures drop significantly at night due to the high-temperature range. From July to mid-September it is also not uncommon to see very heavy downpours in the summer. Therefore, check the weather forecast so as not to encounter any nasty surprises that could ruin your visit.

If you visit Monument Valley during this period and you want to try to avoid as much as possible being surrounded by a multitude of tourists, it is best either to drive along Valley Drive early in the morning or to stay at the premium cabins of The View Hotel that will give you a semiprivate view of the famous red monoliths.

Fall (September and October)

The fall, just like spring, is probably the best time to visit Monument Valley, especially in September. This is because temperatures are a good compromise between the heat of summer and the colder weather of winter. For example, during the month of September, temperatures normally do not fall below 57° and the highest temperatures rarely exceed 81°. Meanwhile, in October, temperatures can drop to around 45° and can get as high as 66°, so it is cooler but not too chilly.

As for the number of tourists in September, it remains as high as the previous months, since Labor Day is in September, while in October the number of visitors begins to diminish significantly and also, consequently, the prices of accommodations.

What is the Best Time to Go?

Answering this question is not easy because many personal factors come into play that make it almost impossible to give a single verdict. Certainly, in terms of climate, the temperatures in spring and autumn are mild and pleasant, but Monument Valley is one of those places that has the advantage that it can be visited during the entire year, requiring visitors to take only a few small precautions on the hottest and coldest days.

Other Useful Tips

If you need more information on how to organize a visit to this magical place, please view our page about Monument Valley where you can find, among other things, useful tips on:

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Warning: Operating hours can change and closures for extraordinary events can occur, so we strongly suggest to check the venues official websites.

When is the Best Time to Visit Monument Valley? Average Temperatures (2024)
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