Free Printable Summer Bucket Lists (2024)

Make this summer the best summer ever with these printable summer bucket lists! They are the perfect way to keep the kids entertained all summer- and make fun, family memories!

A summer bucket list is a collection of fun and exciting activities to do during the summer season. To help inspire and organize your summer bucket list, choose one of these free printable templates.

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These templates make it easy to create a personalized summer bucket list that’s filled with activities you’ve always wanted to do. From outdoor adventures to indoor crafts, a printable summer bucket list can help you make amazing family memories this summer season.

Free Printable Summer Bucket Lists (1)

What is a Summer Bucket List

A summer bucket list is a list of activities, experiences, and goals that a person or family wants to accomplish during the summer season. It’s a great way to make lasting summer memories as a family!

This buckets list typically includes activities that are popular or can only be done during the summer months, such as going to the beach, attending outdoor festivals or fairs, hiking, camping, or eating summer-themed foods and drinks such as ice cream, s’mores, or watermelon.

A summer bucket list can also include personal goals, such as learning a new skill or starting a new hobby. It’s also the perfect place to write down things that are specific to your family and location such as visiting a relative or completing an activity that you’ve always wanted to do.

By creating a summer bucket list, families (or individuals) can make the most of the season, create memories of a lifetime, and enjoy new experiences. It can also provide motivation and a sense of accomplishment as they check off each item on their list.

Ideas to Put on Your Summer Bucket List

Everyone’s bucket list will look different, because we are all individuals with different interests, finances, and goals.

But here are a few ideas for your summer bucket list to get you started:

  • Eating summer foods such as watermelon, ice cream, popsicles, BBQ, or s’mores.
  • Visiting area attractions such as the zoo, aquarium, national park, museums, or parks.
  • Outdoor activities such as swimming, hiking, camping, picnicking, or biking.
  • Vacations such as the beach or a destination city.
  • Local activities such as the movies, splash pad, farmer’s market, or a baseball game.
  • Things you can do at home together such as doing a puzzle, making a craft, building a fort, making ice cream, or a water balloon fight.
  • Skills you want to learn such as knitting, gardening, or baking.

Basically, anything goes! If you need more ideas, here’s a list of Fun Summer Activities for the Whole Family.

I suggest printing out on of these summer bucket lists at the beginning of summer vacation and filling it out together as a family. Get the kids involved and have them add all the things they want to do this summer.

It’s a great way to build excitement about what there is to come!

Free Printable Summer Bucket Lists (2)

Download the Printable Summer Bucket Lists Now

There are lots of different summer bucket list printables to choose from.

Most of them are blank- so you can fill them in yourself based on your own families likes and dislikes.

But if you want a premade bucket list, you can find one at the bottom of this page. It is prefilled with 34 different summer activities to complete.

These bucket lists are free for personal or classroom use only.

To download, just click on the image or link and it will download to your device.

Download the Bucket List Now

Download the Bucket List Now

Download the Bucket List Now

Download the Bucket List Now

Download the Bucket List Now

Download the Bucket List Now

Download the Bucket List Now

Download the Bucket List Now

You are free to use these printable summer bucket lists for personal use at home or in the classroom. Please don’t share the file, but if you’d like to share the lists with friends, please forward this page to them so that they can download the file themselves. These downloads may not be used in any commercial fashion.

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Free Printable Summer Bucket Lists (2024)
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