Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (2024)

Once a year, every year, our obsession with festival style is in full swing. Even if we aren't headed to the desert for Coachella, a single music festival does not a festival season make. Spring and summer are overflowing with art and music events, and we've got your packing list covered with the nine biggest and best festival outfits.

We tapped fashion experts Robin Chrétien and Erikka Wang for insights to curate our list. Plus, we found out what festivalgoers are searching for in order to really hone in on the top trends of the season. You'll see some familiar festival favorites — western wear, itty-bitty skirt sets, and rhinestones galore — as well as classic spring trends reimagined and set to a larger scale, including crochet and retro glam.

Meet the expert

  • Robin Chrétien is a fashion designer and the founder of Robin's Jean. He is inspired by biker-chic, innovative denim washes, leather, hand embroidery, and crystal studding.
  • Erikka Wang is the co-founder of Akira, a clothing boutique that started in Chicago and has been around since 2002.


Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (1)

America has embraced its country roots. It's all about cowboy hats, Western embellishments, and the kind of flashy cowboy boots that allow you to dance your butt off and run between stages. Let's say you wanted to put together a cowgirl festival outfit of your own, lean into the extra of it all and be sure to have at least one statement piece.

Shop Similar: Akira Lover Girl Cowboy Hat

Crochet Sets

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (2)

When it comes to festival season, you can't go wrong with a matching crochet set. After all, crochet is fashionable, breathable, and will keep you cool in the desert heat. Plus, crochet is so versatile. You can go sultry with a midi set in a wide knit, or take a sportier approach with a shorts and crop set in a closer knit.

Shop Similar: Princess Polly Leah Knit Set

Mesh Dresses

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (3)

Another lusted-after festival look is the mesh dress. You can go for a beachy open knit or opt for something a bit more sparkling like a rhinestone-studded micro-mail.

Shop Similar: Anais Rhinestone Mesh Long Sleeve Mini Dress

'70s Glam

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (4)

Y2K fashion returned with a vengeance, and so did another decade: the '70s. Flower child wide-leg pants, embellished belts, and crochet cut-out tops are all staples for this trendy festival outfit. Pick a single style or go all out by embracing three or four at once. We might even add a Cher-like head scarf to be '70s from head to toe.

Shop Similar: Free People Driftwood Farrah Embroidered Flare Jeans

Cowboy Boots

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (5)

"Cowboy boots and Coachella go together like PB&J," says Wang. "The latest iteration of the Western boot harkens back to the ongoing popularity of Y2K’s trends. Beloved by the era's brightest stars, this wardrobe staple piece can skew casual cool or embrace the ultra-extra of festival fashion." And notice that this is different from countrycore because you pair non-country clothes with country boots.

Shop Similar: Azalea Wang Maitia Black Embellished Western Boot

Ultra-Distressed Shorts

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (6)

Denim and crystals are always a hit for festival season. "The more distressed, the better," says Chrétien. When shopping, Chrétien recommends looking for shorts that feature "embellishments and rips that give an authenticvintage feel."

Shop Similar: Robin's Jeans Destroyed Denim Shorts

Barely-There Pastels

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (7)

For many — us not withstanding — festival season is a great chance to show some skin. The barely-there maxi dresses from above are softened by shades of bubblegum pink and periwinkle. For a truly leveled-up look, match the shorts, bra, or bodysuit worn below your top layer.

Shop Similar: Line & Dot Wandering Crochet Dress

Corset Tops

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (8)

The corset tops for festival season are not your average Victorian corsets. Instead of romantic satin and velvet, festival season is all about edgy club kid-inspired buckle-and-strap corset tops.

Shop Similar: Poster Grl My Type Underbust Corset

Ultra-Low-Rise Jeans

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (9)

While many Millennials still wake up sweating from nightmares of low-rise jeans, the super low-rise jeans of festival season have a few styling-saving graces. They're baggier than low-rise jeans of the past, which means they're actually comfortable to wear (we know, we were shocked, too). Plus, the distressed and embroidered details are more akin to the '90s than Y2K styling.

Shop Similar: Levi's Low Loose Women's Jeans

Festival Outfits and Trends for the Season (2024)


What are good festival outfits? ›

You'll see some familiar festival favorites — western wear, itty-bitty skirt sets, and rhinestones galore — as well as classic spring trends reimagined and set to a larger scale, including crochet and retro glam.

What are people wearing at festivals? ›

EVERYBODY LOVES A BUCKET HAT. Wear denim. Shorts, jeans, jackets and shirts, they're all welcome at festivals and make an easy go-to if you're unsure what to wear but still want to look cool.

How do I find my festival style? ›

Opt for bold prints or bright colors that complement your outfit. Footwear is essential at any music festival - comfortable shoes are key! But they also provide an opportunity for experimentation through fun socks or shoe accessories such as ankle cuffs or laces adorned with charms.

What is the festival trend? ›

Fringe. Part of the broader 1970's trend we have seen dominating both 2023 and 2024, fringe is a must have for this festival season. One of the more accessible festival fashion trends, simply don a cute fringe jacket, or splash out on some Western inspired fringed shorts to join in on the fun.

What is festive attire for girl? ›

Festive attire is a dress code for celebratory events like holiday parties. It blends formal and casual elements, often incorporating seasonal colors and patterns to create a joyful, stylish look. This versatile style can range from co*cktail dresses to cozy sweaters, allowing for personal expression.

What is Coachella theme outfit? ›

Pair loose, flowy dresses or skirts with crochet blouses and cardigans or smart trousers/jeans with light shirts. Complete the look with eye-catching accessories, such as hats, jewelry, braces, and rugged footwear, like boots.

Can we wear black on festivals? ›

Makar Sankranti is one of the rare Hindu festivals in which people wear black clothes. Usually, black is considered inauspicious, but two beliefs call for wearing black on this occasion. The first belief says since it is still cold in mid-January, people must wear black as it absorbs heat and keeps them warm.

Do you wear makeup to a festival? ›

There totally are no rules when it comes to festival makeup. So take the time to play all day with textures like this prismatic look by Preanka Sharif. Her matte-meets-metallic vibes are all about a brown-berry lip and foil-like eyes.

Why do people wear new clothes on festivals? ›

Wearing new clothes is a way to break down barriers and promote a sense of equality and inclusivity. It creates a feeling of oneness among people as they join in the collective celebration, sharing the joy of the festival with one another.

How do you make a festival vibe? ›

How to create a festival vibe in your garden
  1. Create your perfect playlist. ...
  2. Use the magic of lighting. ...
  3. Whip up a feast. ...
  4. Sort the seating. ...
  5. Go wild with décor. ...
  6. Emphasise the florals.
Jun 22, 2023

Should I wear jeans or shorts to a festival? ›

There are absolutely no hard and fast rules for what you can or can't wear to a festival. There might be some things you probably shouldn't wear (mankini being at the top of that list) but at the end of the day you wear what you feel comfortable in.

What do 30 year olds wear to concerts? ›

At 30 you're not going to stand out anyway. It's best to just be who you are…. maybe ware some jeans, a shirt or regular shirt or t-shirt, boots or tennis shoes and maybe a jacket. The same stuff you'd ware to a casual party or on a drive that you might also have to do a bit of labor.

What makes a festival popular? ›

Festivals provide an ideal venue for music enthusiasts to see all of their favorite bands and musicians playing in one location. At many festivals, the option to pick and choose your favorite artists makes the experience customizable for each festival-goer.

What to wear to music festival 2024? ›

Embrace your inner cowgirl with a Western-inspired ensemble. From fringe jackets to denim shorts, cowgirl fashion is a staple at music festivals. Complete your look with cowboy boots and a statement belt buckle for an authentic Western flair.

How to dress for ultra festival? ›

The festival atmosphere demands vibrant and bold fashion choices. Embrace the rainbow-on-acid vibe with a tie-dye cutout bodysuit paired with awesome fishnet accessories. Ditch the all-black look for something more lively and get ready to dance the night away.

What do you wear to a 3 day festival? ›

Even if you don't think you will need it always pack a few heavy coats and other warm items like socks, close-toed shoes, skull caps, and under armor because nothing sucks quite as bad as trying to hang out or sleep all weekend in a super cold campground with no warm salvation. Layers are your best friend!

Can I wear a hoodie to a festival? ›

-Shorts and Hoodie

Hoodies are a firm festival favourite. They look great, feel great and are perfect for when the temperature drops a little. With a nice hood to help keep the cold away or during sunny periods this can be used to help protect from the sun. Might get a little warm though.

Why do people dress up for festivals? ›

Festivals have become a cultural phenomenon, and the fashion that emerges from these events is often inspired by the festival's music, culture, and atmosphere. With outfits taking the centre stage when it comes to festivals, people are given the opportunity to express themselves through their clothing choices.

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