10 Family Approved 21 Day Fix Extreme Recipes (2024)

When I first told my husband I was going to be changing up our meals and how I cook so I can follow the 21 Day Fix Extreme plan, herolled his eyes and made a snarky remark about gettingto eat cardboard for dinner. Anyone else have a similar reaction? Well, honey, challenge accepted! He was pleasantly surprised that ‘eating healthy’ didn’t mean sacrificing flavor. I have to tell you, I was NERVOUS about doing this – changing our eating habits, reprogramming myself at the grocery store and in the kitchen. But I dove in and immersed myself in this program and got out of my comfort zone and started trying new things! You know what? We are eating a much more diverse menu now than we ever were before! My husband tells me, almost every day, how much he appreciates it that I love cooking for our family.

I have put together a list of 10 of my go-to dinner recipesI usewhen I am doing the 21 Day Fix Extreme (and also when I am not). These are all family-approved meals that I serve in my house regularly.


This one is AWESOME and we usually will have this a couple times each week. Why? Because it is easy, quick and DELICIOUS. Serve it up over some brown rice, in a tortilla or (my favorite) in a lettuce wrap with a little Sriracha for an added kick!



Hands down, my husband’s favorite 21 Day Fix meal. He LOVES his Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches and was skeptical about no bread – let me tell ya, one bite and he was hooked. He gets all excited when he hears ‘it’s cheese steak night!’. I will admit, I do too!



Who doesn’t love chili on a cold day? (or if you are like me, any day of the year!) Not only is this recipe simple – love my slow cooker – but it is hearty, robust and delicious! You can also make this one on the stove top – quick and simple!



Ok, this is the exception for my yellow container rule at dinner time. IF I have a yellow left, this is my favorite dinner! It is one recipe I have received a lot of positive feedback on from friends and challengers! It is definitely a favorite in our house!



Marinade some pork loin, loin chops or even chicken in this seasoning blend and then grill it up on a grill pan or on your outdoor grill for a delicious dinner with a little kick. Full of flavor – these are amazing. Period.



This may be my favorite marinade for pork chops (it would be good on chicken too!) Such a simple meal that is full of flavor. I let it marinade all day and then grill them up and serve with a side of roasted veggies. Get in my belly!



Simple is always best and it doesn’t get much easier than this. The flavor is amazing. Serve it up over some brown rice or spaghetti squash – this one is always a crowd pleaser!



The first reaction I see when I talk about this recipe is a look of uncertainty – but I am here to tell you this is now a staple in our home! This meal is amazing AND the left overs are even more delicious the next day! Try it, you won’t be sorry!



Easy peasy soup that will leave your family wanting more! This is my husband’s ‘favorite soup of all time’ according to a message I just received from him as he ate his lunch today at work. I have to say, it was pretty much a walk in the park to make. Brown up your meat, chop some veggies, dump in the rest of the ingredients and simmer.



This is a standby favorite at our house – they are a little bit of work – forming the meatballs – but they are so full of flavor! These are out of the 21 Day Fix Extreme book and are a favorite. I serve them over spaghetti squash with some feta and some sauteed veggies.


Click here formore 21 Day Fix Extreme dinner recipes to add to your meal plan for the week!

As you can see, we are not short on variety or FLAVOR here at our house! I have made this program into a healthy lifestyle for my family. I have made it work for us through these delicious recipes that I am excited to share with the world!

Let me know what your favorite is! I hope you and your family enjoy these delicious dinners!

10 Family Approved 21 Day Fix Extreme Recipes (2024)
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